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Traffic Management Act 2004

The Traffic Management Act 2004 was implemented from the 1st April 2008 across the United Kingdom. The Traffic Management Act (TMA) is being brought in to help tackle congestion and reduce disruption on the road network.  The TMA has several parts, but the section for connection purposes covers street works activity.

This part of the TMA will increase the requirements of the administration side of street works, and give further powers to local authorities for them to fulfil their duties under the TMA.

There are some key changes that you need to be aware of if any of the work we must carry out to deliver your connections takes place on the highway or on roads, footpaths and so on that will become adopted by the local authority.

Traffic Management Act 2004


Extent of worksHow works are definedNotice period required
Major WorksWorks that take more than 10 working days to complete or that require road closureMinimum notice period of three months
Standard WorksWorks that take between four and 10 working days to completeMinimum notice period 10 working days
Minor WorksWorks that take up to three working days to completeMinimum notice period of three working days
  • The duration of the works includes all works on site, setting up, excavating, installation of utility connections, reinstatement and clearing up.
  • The forward notices can only be issued to the local authority once we have received your acceptance of our quotation.
  • If changes to works are needed following your acceptance, we need to know as quickly as possible to be able to liaise with the local authority in order to deliver you your connections.
  • If your development requires us to work in more than one street then TMA requires that we serve one notice per street.

Further detail about the Traffic Management Act can be found at the Department for Transport’s website.

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