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Business Gas Connections

If you’re looking for help with a commercial gas connection within your business property, we’re here to help you. We offer a range of gas services, including gas supply connections to commercial properties and the installation of new commercial gas meters.

For more information about our commercial gas connection services, call our gas connection experts on 0161 549 8467 or alternatively scroll down to find out more about gas connection services.

Commercial gas connections for businesses properties

Here at Crown Energy, we provide a seamless gas connection service for businesses of all sizes across the UK. We have a great reputation for innovation, technical quality and compliance with all appropriate health and safety standards. So, whether you’re a housing developer, business owner or commercial property owner, we can help with every aspect of your network connection, commercial gas meter installation and new energy supply contract.

We install all types of gas connections, regardless of their size, with minimal disruption. From the planning stages to powering on, and everything in between, we can get you connected with ease. We are always ready to discuss your requirements and provide free advice on the product best suited to you.

Domestic Gas Disconnection

Connect your property to the mains gas supply

It’s our aim to provide you with a total end-to-end utility solution, carried out by our professional team at a competitive rate, with little or no disruption to the day-to-day running of your business.

To start, you’ll need to locate your gas supply number. You’ll have an MPRN, or Meter Point Reference Number, on your gas bill or statement. It’s used to pinpoint individual gas supply points and tends to be a 10-digit number displayed in a grid, starting with the letter S. If you’re unsure, don’t worry as we can help, just simply get in touch today.

Three steps to your new gas connection

We understand that there are enough things to think about with your development without the added complications of ensuring your utility connections are completed in a timely manner. That’s why we work with you to ensure everything is delivered as smoothly as possible, with just 3 simple steps involved:

  1. Application – Download an application form, fill it in and return it to us. Then one of our experienced design engineers will check it over and then begin the design and quotation process.
  2. Design & quotation – We will send your quotation along with any site plans to you. Each quotation will show how long it is valid for.
  3. Acceptance – Once you’ve accepted the quote and made payment we’ll process your connection and commence with the project, keeping you informed at every stage.

What we offer

  • Planning and design – tailored plans and quotation
  • Project management – streamlined and dedicated service
  • Increase or decrease of supply – gas, electricity, water & telecoms
  • Complete infrastructure – cables, mains, pipework, mains connections, disconnections & diversions
  • Metering – installation, alteration and removal of all meters
  • Tailored energy contracts – fixed and flexible to suit the contractor, developer & end-user
  • Temporary energy supply – for construction sites
  • Site investigations and evaluations – to ensure health & safety

How Crown Energy’s gas services can help you

We offer a complete and seamless gas connection service from start to finish and can answer any questions you may have with any related services and even recommend the best energy provider for you. Early advice from an experienced company with technical knowledge and project engineers on the ground can cut costs and ensure your vision is achieved on time.

Whatever your budget or timescale for a new gas connection, you can count on us to get the job done. Your account manager will source and scrutinise quotes and advise you on the most suitable course for your project. Our gas connection service will leave you with little or no disruption to your business.

Whatever your reason for getting connected to the mains gas supply, we are dedicated to getting you the best possible price and service. To find out more about how we can help you, contact Crown Energy today on 0161 549 8467.

Crown Energy Business Services

Why choose Crown Energy?

  • We make energy simple – reduced timescales and budget
  • UK based contact centre – we’re here to help
  • Specialist project management – an end-to-end service
  • Nationwide service – utility connections anywhere in the UK
  • Highly trained advisors and designers – free and professional advice
  • Competitive gas, electricity and water connection rates – fantastic value
  • Streamlined process – no more unnecessary paperwork, site disruption & legislative headaches
  • Dedicated account manager – one point of contact throughout

How much does it cost to connect gas to my business?

The cost of getting a new gas connection can vary hugely depending on a wide array of factors, including:

The remoteness of your area – if your property is in a remote area it can increase the cost of getting a new gas connection.

The number of appliances – the more energy required, the bigger the cost of the supply.

Has the property previously had gas? – if it has, it is likely a simple task to get you reconnected, so costs will be kept to a minimum.

The complexity of the works – if the installation work requires access to nearby buildings, road closure etc. all of this will likely increase the cost of the work.

The distance of the gas meter from the mains – the further your property is from the mains, the more difficult it is to get connected, therefore the more costly the job.

How do I find out if there’s a gas connection nearby?

If your property has neighbours close by and they have a gas connection, then it’s likely there’s a supply right on your doorstep. Get in touch and we can check to see where the nearest main is.

Alternatively, if they don’t have a gas connection or you are in a rural area, we can also advise on the costs to bring in a new infrastructure which will allow for a connection to your property.

We have a team of specialists on hand to help with all areas of gas connections and assist you with finding out if you have a nearby supply and advise you on the next steps.

If there’s gas in the street, can I get it connected at my property?

If you’re in luck and there’s a gas connection nearby, contact Crown Energy to obtain a quote and to start the process. We have vast experience providing gas connections to homeowners. We project manage the whole process from the outset for you to ensure the job is completed quickly and professionally and with as little disruption as possible.

Don’t forget, a gas connection simply gives you a source of gas to tap into, so you’ll also need to get a gas meter fitted. This must only be installed by a registered company who carries out the work in line with Ofgem guidelines.

Who owns the gas pipes?

Gas pipes are owned by infrastructure providers such as your local distribution network owner (DNO), including National Grid, Northern Gas Networks and Wales and West.

How can I check who my gas supplier is?

You can check who your gas supplier is by locating a recent gas bill, this should have the suppliers name and contact details for you to be able to contact them. Alternatively, if you do not have a recent gas bill, you can use the Find My Supplier search tool to find your supplier after entering in few details about your property. The free service enables you to find out who your gas supplier is as well as provide you with your Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN) and gas transporter.

What is my MPRN number? And MPAN number?

They are unique reference numbers for your gas and electricity supply that can be found on your energy bills. If you don’t have a bill, your energy supplier or DNO can tell you what it is, or you can call the National Grid on 0870 608 1524.

If you do not have a recent energy bill, you can use the Find My Supplier search tool to find your gas supplier after entering in few details about your property. The free service enables you to find out who your gas supplier is as well as provide you with your MPRN number and gas transporter.

MPRN stands for Meter Point Reference Number and relates to your gas supply. It is used to pinpoint individual gas supply points and tends to be a 10 digit number displayed in a grid that starts with the letter S.

You will also have an MPAN number for your electricity supply that stands for the Metering Point Administration Number. It can also be known as an S number or supply number.

To find out how we can help you with your commercial gas connection requirements, get in touch today on 0161 549 8467 to speak to one of our gas connection experts.

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What Our Customers Say

Had to get a quote to get a gas line connection to the house. Lewis was the point of contact and we could not get anyone more professional, kind and swift. He immediately had the answers to all our queries and broke everything down for us which made it very to understand and reassuring. Would highly recommend this company to anyone.

- Farhan Abubacar

I have used Crown energy over the past 8 years on multiple projects. I have found them to be very easy to work with, they are both professional & knowledgeable. The most recent application was for services for a new build block of 34 apartments. Michelle Kelly was the lady I have been dealing with on my most recent application, she was very helpful, enthusiastic, professional, she even took the time to go back to the contractors with my many questions & differing requirements.

- Steve Lewis, Hall Park Construction

Good old fashioned customer service. Lily, my first contact was polite, very communicative and knowledgeable about the service they offered she was a delight to talk to. Tegan, contract person was efficient and so far has kept me up to date with all I need to know. I would recommend the company to others on their customer service alone.

- Debbie Bridges