Single Domestic Alterations or New Connections

Single Domestic Alterations or New Connections | Crown Energy

If you require a new gas or electricity connection to your property or if you want your existing connection or meter to be relocated, then Crown Energy can arrange this service for you and we try doing this with minimal disruption to you and your existing gas or electricity supply.  We are able to offer you a test on the supply at your property to find out if the supply is live and that the required capacity is available.

All we need from you is a simple location map and a plan of your property showing your existing position of your gas or electricity meter, or incoming pipe or cable, along with a marking showing where your new proposed position will be.

Please also include on your map a location of the area showing any streets or roads in order for us to eliminate any foreseeable problems that we may incur.

We guarantee that there are only 3 simple stages of any new connections with Crown Energy:-


  1. Application – Download an application form and complete. Once you’ve returned the application an experienced design engineer will check it over and then commence the design and quotation process.
  2. Design & Quotation – We will send you your quotation along with any site plans. Each quotation will show how long it is valid for.
  3. Acceptance – Once you’ve accepted and paid for the quotation we will then process your connection and commence the project, informing you at every stage.

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