Meter Kiosks & Housing

Gas & Electricity Meter Installations: Utility Meter Kiosks & Housings

Utility Meter Installations, Kiosks & Housings

Getting a professionally installed gas and electricity meters installed in your property or premises will ensure you always provide your energy company with accurate meter readings which will ensure you only pay for the energy you use.

It’s important that your utility meter, be it a gas meter or electricity meter, is not only installed to Ofgem guidelines, but also installed by a registered installer who can support you through the whole process.

As so, Crown Energy can help you with simply call us now for more details on 0845 053 5454

Gas Meter Kiosks & Housing

Crown Energy Gas Meter Installation

Crown Energy uses Ofgem approved meter installers and Ofgem approved meter asset managers that supply and install all types of gas meters. From simple diaphragm models to complex turbine gas meter installations across all pressure tiers, choose Crown Energy for gas meter and gas sub meter installations anywhere in the UK.

Meter Type of Installation Pressure
L=Low M=Medium/Intermediate
Housing Dimensions
Length Depth Height
U16 Wall-Mounted L 650 400 650
U16 Freestanding L & M 730 425 830
U16MP Wall-Mounted M 750 360 850
U16 Wall-Mounted or Freestanding L & M 730 425 850
U25 Wall-Mounted L 900 360 850
U16, U25 Freestanding L & M 1000 540 960
U40 Freestanding L 1000 540 960
U40 Freestanding M 1200 750 1200
U65 Freestanding L & M 1475 750 1350
U100 Freestanding L 1600 850 1450
U160 Freestanding L 1600 850 1450

We also provide rotary meters and turbine meters.

Electricity Meters

We can supply and install a range of accurate metering solutions for your electricity to almost any location within the UK. Call our team for more details regarding an install in your area on 0845 053 5454.

Single Phase kWh Energy Meter

Great for gas sub meter requirements!

The single-phase kWh energy meter offers the very latest in compact electronic design and functionality. The meter has unbeatable accuracy (underwritten by Ofgem) and is suitable for a wide range of sub-metering installations ranging from 20-100 Amp loads.

Three Phase Electricity Meter

Superb accuracy and functionality!

The three (3) phase kWh energy meter is an extremely accurate, direct connected measuring device. The meter is available with a pulsed output and can be supplied with multi-rate options complete with internal time clock.

The three-phase energy meter is available with a highly configurable maximum demand function, providing demand registration in either kWh or kVAr. Maximum demand levels can be recorded over four separately defined periods enabling registration to cross over tariff rate boundaries.

Crown Energy Electricity Meter Installation

Contact the Crown Energy team today on 0845 053 5454 to discuss your project requirements. Crown Energy uses Ofgem approved meter installers.