Full Service Removals & Disconnection of Meters

Full-service removals | Disconnection of meters (gas, electricity & water)

Full Service Gas & Electricity Meter Removals

If you have a gas or electricity meter you no longer need in your property, or business premises and would like to have it disconnected from the mains, you will need to call in a specialist to carry out the work on your behalf as this isn’t something that should be attempted by anybody not authorised to carry out the work.

Here at Crown Energy, our specialist meter team has many years of experience installing and disconnecting both gas and electricity meters and electricity supply. There are many reasons our customers have requested a electricity disconnection of their supplies, so we  suggest you contact our friendly team to discuss your requirements. We can then assess your requirements and better understand and identify the reasons for the electricity disconnection of your gas and/or electricity meter and advise you on any further work that may be required as a result of the removal.

For instance, if you are developing a site that is being demolished or refurbished, Crown Energy can also provide full or part service removals. If you would like to learn more, contact us today on 0845 053 5454 and speak with one of our specialists.

Reasons for choosing a Meter Disconnections

Of course, there are many reasons for choosing this course of action for your property or business premises. But some of the more common (but not limited to) reasons our customers have come to us have been due to construction work on-site, needing to move a meter to a different area, as well as demolition of the property.

In the case of a demolition, it would be highly dangerous for the contractors, as well as the people and buildings nearby if the gas and electricity were not safely disconnected from the mains supply. In this case, the electricity or gas should be disconnected right up to the site border, to ensure there isn’t any risk of hitting live groundwork.

Once all identified electric and gas supplies have been cut-off, engineers will offer a location clear document to approve the safety of completing the redevelopment. A plot showing the meter location and where the gas is to be cut off should be provided so that we can issue you with a quotation.

The pipework that goes from your gas meter to your applications can similarly be detached by our Gas Safe Registered and GIRS qualified engineers.

Full and Part Service Removals

Before any full or part service removal and disconnection of a meter can be carried out, we will need to carry out a site investigation in order to properly assess the required work to be able to provide you with an accurate quotation. To learn more about our site investigations, please visit our dedicated Site Investigations page for more details.

How Long Will it Take to Move a Gas Meter?

Every job is different, but we aim to keep the procedure as quick and efficient as possible. The standard timescales from start to finish are around 4-6 weeks.

Electricity Disconnection & Gas Disconnection Without Disturbance

The last thing we want to do is cause a disturbance to any of your plans. So, for this reason, we deliver an exceptional response time, ensuring you can plan around any electricity and gas stoppages within your work plans.

If you have any other planned work to connect new pipework and electricity or gas meter(s) after the stoppage, Crown Energy can also arrange everything for you by using our preparation and design facilities.

Gas and electricity disconnections and connections are just part of the facility we offer. Our goal is to deliver a comprehensive utility service to ensure your domestic or commercial job is finished quickly and professionally. All of this will be carried out to all legal regulations.

  • Dedicated – You will be assigned with a project engineer, so you know precisely who you’re dealing with at all times.
  • Organisation – We will contact all the additional parties to organise the job, including all the warrants needed and regulations which need to be adhered to.
  • Free Advice – We can help answer questions you may have with related services. We can even recommend the best energy provider for you.

To learn more, simply contact Crown Energy today on 0845 053 5454 to speak to one of our friendly team to discuss your meter disconnection and removal requirements.