Increase/Decrease Infrastructure to an Existing Gas or Electricity Supply

Developing a site which has an existing gas or electricity supply that requires an increase or decrease to the infrastructure will usually require the assistance of an experienced company like Crown Energy.

Increase or Decrease an Existing Supply

Increase Infrastructure for Gas & Electricity Supply

If you require an increase in supply or you need to connect an additional load to an existing supply, allow Crown Energy to do this for you with minimum fuss, disruption and cost. Some of you may just simply want to relocate an existing service position, we are also experienced and authorised to carry out these changes for you.

Decrease Gas and Electric Supply

As well as offering increases to supply, we also downgrade service pipes for gas and cables for electricity supply. One example where this may be required is when a large building is being converted and sectioned off in to residential properties. An exisiting cable may be too large and we can install smaller service pipes and cables to supply each property.

We require you to provide information that will inform us of any unusual or disruptive loads that you will be installing. All applications must be accompanied by a location plan and site plan; showing the nearest main streets, roads, etc.

We guarantee that there are only 3 simple stages of any connection type with Crown Energy:-


  1. Application โ€“ Download an application form and complete it. Once you’ve returned it, an experienced design engineer will check it over and then commence the design and quotation process for you.
  2. Design & Quotation โ€“ We will send your quotation along with any site plans to you. Each quotation will show how long it is valid for.
  3. Acceptance โ€“ Once you’ve accepted the quote and made payment we will process your connection and commence with the project, keeping you informed at every stage.

To Get Started Download The Application Forms Below:

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