Multi Utility Services

multi utility

Here at Crown Energy, we carefully listen to the needs of our clients and understand how different developers and contractors require different areas of help and advice. We can help you whether you’re in need of a single utility, gas or electricity to a full multi utility gas, electricity, water and telecoms supply.

Multi Utility Services

Multi utility connections for gas, water, electricity and ducting, for your telecoms connection, are all services that we can offer at low prices. We have industry experts in the gas, electricity and water departments working for Crown Energy and we provide multi utility services which will suit the requirements of your development.

Temporary Builders Supply

Whilst you are waiting for your quotation regarding multi utilities, we are able to provide the developer or contractor with a temporary builders supply on-site for power to the site office or any other machinery that requires temporary power.

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It is inevitable that with certain infrastructure projects we may need to excavate the highways which may cause a slight inconvenience to our clients. Therefore, to combat this, we work closely with the local authorities and other utility providers to keep that inconvenience to a minimum and return the streets and pathways to their normal conditions as quickly and professionally as possible.

The quotation is a very important stage of any project and before it has even begun, we will discuss your requirements and recommend the best route for your quotation. Whether it’s an existing development, greenfield or brownfield, Crown Energy is able to offer a budget quotation for when the land is available, where you only require an indicative cost or a formal quotation for when the land has been acquired, and the project is due to start.

We guarantee that there are only 3 simple stages of any new connections with Crown Energy:-


  1. Application – Download an application form and complete. Once you’ve returned the application an experienced design engineer will check and then commence the design and quotation process.
  2. Design & Quotation – We will send your quotation along with any site plans to you. Each quotation will state how long your quote is valid for.
  3. Acceptance – Once you’ve accepted and paid for the quotation we will then process your connection and commence the project, informing you at every stage.

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Download Our Multi Utility Application Forms Here: