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Domestic Meter Alterations Explained

Domestic meter alterations are the most common enquiries we receive at Crown Energy. What is a domestic meter alteration? A homeowner wanting to change the location of their gas or electricity meter. Why would a homeowner want to change the location of their gas or electricity meter you ask? Well, there are several reasons, so read on to find out.

Firstly, we need to provide you with some context. We only cover gas and electricity meters, as water meters are located on the boundary of your property so a relocation would never be needed (except for in the rare instances that the boundary of your property was to change). Your gas and electricity meters can be located internally inside your home, or externally in secure boxes that sit against the wall of your house.

The main cause for needing to relocate your utility meter would be if you were building an extension on your house. According to government statistics, the number of planning permission applications for house extensions has doubled in the past year, which suggests why meter alterations are requested so frequently. Whether a large-scale construction project or a lowkey landscape patio, a meter alteration may be needed as a result if its original location is obstructing the planned works. “Moving gas meter for extension” is a top Google search result, again demonstrating the frequency of their requests.

As well as extensions, house renovations are another cause for a utility meter relocation. Internally, your gas meter may not be enclosed and may be an eyesore, or your electricity meter may be enclosed but located in a space that is needed for other storage purposes. In fact, many homeowners with internally located utility meters may want to move them outside so that they’re out of the way. In these instances, homeowners are wanting a utility meter alteration for aesthetic or convenience purposes.

We want to give all you aspiring home renovators realistic expectations. Although it may seem simple moving a gas and electric meter from one location to another, we advise 2-4 weeks for a quote and 6-12 weeks for the works to be completed as standard. There are also lots of terms and conditions as to what’s allowed and what’s not when it comes to relocating meters for health and safety purposes.

Does all this sound overly complicated? Are you feeling overwhelmed? Don’t give up on your renovation dreams just yet, we’re here to help. Whether gas or electric (or both as a dual-utility alteration!) we can manage your meter relocation project. We have in depth and experienced relationships with all networks and contractors throughout the length and breadth of the UK, which allows us to speed up timescales and break down and simplify information and processes required for the works. We take away as much responsibility from you, the customer, as possible, leaving you to focus on the more fun parts of your house revamp.

To get started on your meter alteration journey, or to find out more information, please call our dedicated team on 0330 041 4925. You will be assigned a single account manager who will assist with your needs and queries as your one point of contact, ensuring you won’t be sent round the houses whenever you need to get in touch. As for our blog, if you enjoyed reading this, make sure you’re following us on socials to be the first to know about our next blog release.

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What Our Customers Say

Had to get a quote to get a gas line connection to the house. Lewis was the point of contact and we could not get anyone more professional, kind and swift. He immediately had the answers to all our queries and broke everything down for us which made it very to understand and reassuring. Would highly recommend this company to anyone.

- Farhan Abubacar

I have used Crown energy over the past 8 years on multiple projects. I have found them to be very easy to work with, they are both professional & knowledgeable. The most recent application was for services for a new build block of 34 apartments. Michelle Kelly was the lady I have been dealing with on my most recent application, she was very helpful, enthusiastic, professional, she even took the time to go back to the contractors with my many questions & differing requirements.

- Steve Lewis, Hall Park Construction

Good old fashioned customer service. Lily, my first contact was polite, very communicative and knowledgeable about the service they offered she was a delight to talk to. Tegan, contract person was efficient and so far has kept me up to date with all I need to know. I would recommend the company to others on their customer service alone.

- Debbie Bridges