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Homes Under Construction By Region

Homes Under Construction By Region

According to data shared by the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government (MHCLG), there were 162,000 houses under construction in England with the South East leading the way in terms of new homes in the pipeline.

The MHCLG released it’s ‘House building; new build dwellings, England: March Quarter 2019‘ report, which shows construction in the UK is in full swing with a total of 162,270 dwelling starts – that is work that has begun laying the foundation.

This data is for the period of October 2018 – March 2019.

At Crown Energy, we did some research into the data and has revealed which regions in the UK are leading the way in terms of dwelling construction, and who has improved compared to the same period last year.

RegionDwelling starts (%) 2017/18Dwelling starts (% of total) 2018/19YoY Difference
South East17.76%18.73%0.97%
North West12.11%13.71%1.60%
East Midlands11.84%11.84%0.00%
South West11.21%11.52%0.31%
West Midlands9.89%10.42%0.53%
East Midlands9.39%9.18%-0.21%
Yorkshire and the Humber8.31%8.77%0.46%
North East5.18%5.56%0.39%

In absolute figures, England has 1.30% more dwellings officially under construction than last year, but compared to three years ago this is 12.92% higher.

Over three years, the North West’s housing industry has grown fastest – 15% since last year and 43% in three years, while construction in London has reduced 36% since 2015/16.

Region2018-19% Diff% Diff over three years
South East30,3906.82%24.35%
North West22,25014.69%42.81%
South West18,6904.06%5.95%
West Midlands16,9106.76%24.34%
East Midlands14,890-1.00%4.05%
Yorkshire and the Humber14,2306.91%28.43%
North East9,0308.93%28.27%

As well as the buildings that began construction, a total of 195,290 new builds joined the market, with the South East taking the lion’s share of 39,260 and the North East only seeing 9,770 of these.

But not everything lasts forever. 8,050 dwellings were demolished in England between  October 2018 and March 2019. In the graph below, we see that London loves its homes least, with a quarter of the countries demolitions happening in this region.

However, no doubt this will be to make more space for new builds!

South East1,650
North West690
West Midlands690
North East610
South West550
Yorkshire and the Humber500
East Midlands270

The home construction scene is in full swing, but they will all need utility meter installations and if the building is being demolished or repaired, disconnection of the utility meters is also essential. Crown Energy is a proven contender in the new build utility installation industry and can handle all these jobs and more.

No matter whether you’re a seasoned property developer, building your own self-build home or indeed anything in between. Good project management and planning of your development is key to ensuring everything runs smoothly. Our expert team here at Crown Energy have the right balance of knowhow and experience when it comes to the utilities in all types of properties, from existing domestic and commercial properties right through to new build houses, apartments and commercial buildings and large building development projects.

If you would like to learn more about how our multi utility connection and installation services, call us today on 0161 549 8454 to talk to our multi utility experts, to how we could help ensure that your new properties utilities are installed safely and efficiently, thanks to our range of domestic utilities services and business utility services.

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