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Step-by-step guide: How do I get a new gas connection?

Step-by-step guide: How do I get a new gas connection?

Whether you’re a construction company putting up an office block, a developer in charge of building new houses, or an individual taking on a home renovation project, the chances are that you’ll need to deal with the installation of a new gas connection, or the disconnection, relocation, or diversion of gas supply infrastructure.

These undertakings can be stressful and time-consuming. The process of getting a new gas connection can be daunting, especially if you are unfamiliar with what is involved. Or, you may have other priorities on the project that don’t allow the capacity to oversee a new gas connection.  

This is where we come in. Crown Energy takes the stress out of getting you connected to the gas mains supply. We’ve put together the following step-by-step guide to explain the process so if you’re wondering “How do I get a new gas connection?” we have all the need-to-know information below.

How do I find out if there is an existing gas connection near me?

If you have neighbours with a gas connection nearby, there’s a good chance that a gas supply is available near your property. Contact us and we can check the location of the nearest gas main for you. If your neighbours don’t have a gas connection or you’re in a rural area, we can also help you identify the closest point of connection.

Our team of specialists is ready to assist you with all aspects of gas connections and guide you through the process of determining if there’s a nearby supply and what steps to take next.

Two large black gas pipes cutting through a snowy area.

Check if there is a gas pipe near me

Crown Energy can check for an existing gas pipe which could help save on labour costs and time. Gas pipes are owned by infrastructure providers such as your local distribution network owner (DNO), including National Grid, Northern Gas Networks and Wales and West.

If you find that your premises has previously had a gas supply then the appropriate infrastructure should still be in place. This means that you would require a re-connection. To determine if the gas supply has been disconnected, we conduct a check to see if it is live. The cost of restoring the supply depends on whether it was capped after the meter or at the boundary.

Alternatively, if you’re looking to disconnect, divert, or alter your gas connection in any way such as moving the infrastructure that provides your gas supply, we can help to facilitate this quickly and hassle-free.

Setting up a new gas connection

Once you’re ready to proceed with a new gas connection for your project or property, visit the Crown Energy website. Either fill in a new Utility Application form or a Call Back Request and one of our team will contact you the same day if we receive your enquiry within our opening hours. Otherwise, we will contact you on the next working day.

Alternative, you can call us on 0333 2000 204 and start your enquiry. Our highly trained utility experts will take a few details from you and begin the design and costing stage for the work you require. We will need the site plans from you to begin the application.  

Our design engineers will take care of every part of planning your works. From gas pipe infrastructure that enables the premises to receive its required gas supply, to any traffic management needs, we’ll work closely with our industry partners to ensure your new gas connection is carried out smoothly.

Blue flames on gas cooker

It can be more valuable for you to get a new gas connection from an independent facilitator like Crown Energy. The most beneficial reason is that a design and costing from us could help to mitigate prices. We have access to a nationwide network of service providers. This allows us to find the most cost-effective way, and companies, to carry out the work in your areas. Furthermore, we only work with qualified and highly-experienced personnel who are renowned for completing the scope of work required for a new gas connection. 

You will receive an itemised quotation from us within 2-4 weeks. Upon acceptance and payment, we will proceed with the works. We estimate to complete the required works within 6-8 weeks. However, delays can occur if there are any factors out of our control. Your dedicated account manager will guide and update you along the way.

I need a new gas meter installed too

Another good idea is to consolidate your new gas connection. This means that we can take care of the entire project, including gas pipe infrastructure and gas meter installation too. This way, you won’t experience having to communicate with several different providers. You also won’t face unnecessary delays between completing the new gas connection, and receiving access to a gas supply. Once we have installed the new gas meter, your energy supplier can bill you according to your usage.

Choose a location for your gas meter

Depending on the building or project, your gas meter may need to be installed either indoors or outdoors. Internal installations are subject to a low-pressure gas connection being available and will need to be fitted as close to the gas pipe entry point as possible. This will reduce the chance of any gas leakages.

Internal installations may look neater, however, external installations have their benefits, such as easy accessibility. In the case of an emergency, an outdoor setup could also prove to be a safer option.

Our team of metering experts can advise and help you with deciding on an external or internal setup. We are happy to discuss the pros and cons of each specific installation location with you. And, we will get you set up with a new gas meter for your home or business as soon as possible.

What are the gas meter safety regulations I should know

There are several locations where a new gas meter should not be installed. These include the following:

  • On internal walls of properties
  • Near combustible materials
  • Near heat sources
  • Near any sparking
  • In wet areas such as bathrooms or any rooms with wet floors
  • In very high or very low-temperature areas
  • In or near food storage areas
  • Under stairs
  • On either side of a sealed window or door
  • In boiler rooms – unless it is to industry standard ventilation rules
  • In any rooms containing corrosive substances
  • Less than 15 centimetres away from an electric meter

What is the maximum demand of gas?

It is important to know your peak demand for gas. To calculate this, you will need to sum up the maximum kilowatt usage or the input rating for every gas appliance that you have or will have in your home or business premises.

To ensure an accurate calculation, a Gas Safe engineer or device manufacturer consultant can help.

Arrange works and pick a gas supplier

Once you have accepted our design and costing and made payment, we will proceed to arrange the necessary works. Engineers are usually available from 8am until 6pm from Monday to Friday. Our team will liaise with the parties involved to secure days and times that are suitable. It is possible to get work planned in over the weekend or bank holidays, however, this will almost certainly come with additional charges.

Qualified representatives will be on-site to ensure that the work is carried out correctly and safely. If any unforeseen changes come up, we will inform you right away.

Three workmen in yellow  construction vests and hard hats surrounded by pipes.

Connect appliances to new gas connections

Once your new gas connection to the mains is fully operational and your gas meter has been successfully installed, you can begin the connection process for all your gas appliances.

How much does a new gas connection cost?

The cost of getting a new gas connection will depend on various factors. These include – but are not limited to:

Location remoteness: If your property is in a remote area, connecting gas could be challenging. It can also be more expensive due to the distance from the gas grid. According to research by Age UK, there are between 2.8 million and 3.2 million off-gas grid homes in England alone. This figure represents around 12% to 13% of all homes in the country. These homes do not have a physical connection to the mains gas network so do not receive gas from the National Grid.

Energy demand: The number of appliances you require gas for will impact the cost of the gas supply. The higher your demand for energy, the more significant your need for a larger supply will be. This can increase costs.

Previous gas connection: If your property has had a gas connection in the past, reconnecting it is usually a straightforward task. This could also result in lower costs.

Work complexity: If the installation work involves accessing neighbouring properties, road closures, or other complexities, the cost of the work is likely to increase.

Distance from gas mains: The distance between your property and the gas mains affects the difficulty of the connection. Greater distance translates to higher costs for the job.

Can I alter a gas connection?

It is illegal to alter a gas connection by yourself. Crown Energy will arrange the alteration for you.

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