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How has our energy usage changed over 25 years?

With over 25 years’ operating as the top utilities facilitator in the UK, we have the credentials to know a thing or two when it comes to the industry. We’ve seen a lot of transformation throughout the years; times have changed and so has the way we use our energy. If you’re interested in learning exactly how and why the average energy usage per household has changed over the last 25 years, then this blog is for you! We’ll be covering the domestic market (typical energy usage for a home), so everyone should be able to relate to the following UK energy usage information.


It should come as no surprise that electricity usage has skyrocketed, for the obvious reason that we are using more technology than ever before. Think of your gaming consoles, smart phones and tablet devices, laptops and computers, beauty equipment such as hair styling tools, musical equipment such as soundbars and speakers, home appliances and even electric car charging. The list is seemingly endless and so is our electricity usage as a result!


We install new electricity connections to homes and have noticed this average energy usage increase have a knock-on effect with our line of work. Previously, as a general rule of thumb, domestic connections would have a single-phase supply and commercial connections would have a three-phase supply, meaning it was only commercial properties that would need the larger capacity for electricity. Now however, more and more new domestic electricity connections are requiring a three-phase, and more and more existing single-phase connections are requiring an upgrade to a three-phase in order to accommodate this increased usage.


On the other hand, our gas usage is going down as newbuild properties are being developed all-electric. In our industry, we have noticed less gas connections being made to new domestic properties, and often multi-utility is consisting of a combination of electricity and water with no gas. This is also another reason why more properties are requiring a three-phase electricity supply, as all-electric properties are likely to need a larger capacity as it is the only power source.


Water usage is also increasing, though considerably less drastically than electricity, with people purchasing hot tubs for their gardens, and high pressure or waterfall showers becoming the norm. Although the energy usage is increasing, we haven’t noticed any notable difference in the width of pipes being installed which demonstrates that the increase is only slight and much steadier.


These changes in typical home energy usage may have changed the way in which we work, but no matter what your utility needs are you can rest assured that we can meet them. If you enjoyed reading about the average energy usage per household UK, make sure you’re following us on socials to be the first to know about our next blog release.


*This insight answering “what is the average energy usage of a household UK” is generally speaking and on a broad scale, meaning the average energy usage UK will differ per household

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