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How to improve the energy efficiency of your home

How to improve the energy efficiency of your home

With the introduction of smart meters, homeowners are becoming increasingly more aware of how much gas and electricity they are using every day and are therefore seeking ways to keep monthly energy costs low and reduce outgoings.

Here are just a few tips on how to reduce your monthly energy bills and keep that money in your pocket.

Loft and cavity wall insulation

Heating your home through the winter months can be a costly endeavour if you have poor or no insulation at all. Layering insulation under the rafters will ensure that no heat escapes from the roof and keep your house nice and toasty.

Certain energy companies offer free loft and cavity wall insulation to eligible homeowners and some will even inspect your home to see if it is beneficial. The cost of insulation can vary a great deal but it can save you a lot of money in the long term.

Boiler & central heating system

According to the Energy Saving Trust, heating your home accounts for around 55% of your annual energy bill cost. Newer and more modern boilers are much more efficient as they have a larger heat exchanger which recovers more heat than older models.

There is a range of grants available run by large energy companies that eligible homeowners can take advantage of. By upgrading to a more modern boiler you can reduce your annual energy expenditure significantly.

Switch to a cheaper provider

It’s always worth your time to look for a cheaper energy provider for gas and electricity. According to Ofgem, 53% of people are confused by their energy tariffs so it can be a daunting task. But there is a host of switching services available.

Take advantage of new customer deals to find a cheaper tariff and regularly scan the market to keep your energy rates as low as possible.

Double or triple glazing

Upgrading your windows will result in a range of benefits, not to mention keeping your energy bill under wraps! The most important, is to reduce heat loss from your property. If you’ve recently had a new boiler installed, it seems pretty pointless if all of the heat is escaping through your windows.

Additional benefits to upgrading your windows include reducing condensation build-up on the inside of the windows as well as reduced noise coming from outside. Replacing all of your windows can be quite expensive and isn’t within everyone’s budget, so a cheaper option is to fit having heavier curtains over your windows to help reduce heat loss.

Switch to more efficient light bulbs (LEDs)

Swapping out your lightbulbs isn’t going to dramatically decrease your energy bill but every little helps towards keeping money in your pocket. The best cost-effective lightbulb available in the UK is an LED (Light Emitting Diode).

LEDs are a good alternative for replacing spotlights and any dimmable lights and are available in most common light fittings. The bulbs will continue to save you money over a long period.

Upgrade to more energy-efficient appliances

Whenever you look in a store selling appliances you will see a grade ranging from A+ right down to G. Energy ratings are given to products based on the size category, but the larger the appliance the more electricity it will need to run.

It’s sometimes worth paying a little extra for a more energy-efficient appliance as you can potentially save more money over time, especially when it comes to fridge freezers or any appliance that is always in use.

Renewable energy

A few years back, the news headlines were dominated by solar panels as the UK government introduced a grant scheme and interest-free loans for anyone who installed them on their home.

A few years ago, solar panels were in the news as the government offered grants and interest-free loans to anyone who wanted to install them on their home. There are various ways that you can generate your own heat for your home including:

  • Biomass
  • Ground & air source heat pumps
  • Solar water heating
  • Thermal stores

Each of these has its benefits so it’s down to you to go out and research the best possible solution. But to get the most out of any of these solutions, your home needs to be as energy-efficient as possible.

These are just a few tips and ideas that can help you reduce your energy bill. While most have an initial outlay, you will potentially see a big difference in your energy bill in the long-term.

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