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1 September Welcomes Halogen Lightbulb Ban

The start of September marks a halogen lightbulb extinction for all but a few of the gas-based bulbs, after almost 60 years of lighting our buildings. Those used for spotlights and floodlights will remain, but the halogen GLS lightbulb will … Read more

Renewable Energy – A Cleaner, Cheaper Future

The switch to renewable energy has long been envisaged to be an expensive one. But a revolution is on the horizon. New analysis has revealed the cost of solar power is decreasing that rapidly, it’s now a cheaper alternative to … Read more

Banking Scams – Whose Side are the Banks On?

Banks have been told it is unfair to blame customers for losing money through scams. ADVICE – our 5 ‘must do’ tips for avoiding banking scams £240m was taken from bank accounts by fraudsters last year, but only £60m was … Read more

Heatwave Means North-West Hosepipe Ban is Imminent

From what is said to be the longest heatwave since 1976, United Utilities are set to place a temporary hosepipe ban on the north-west of England from 5 August to protect crucial supplies. As the hot, dry weather looks like … Read more

The benefits of a smart meter explained

Are you tired of being surprised by how high your gas and electricity bills are every month? If so, it’s probably time for you to consider getting a smart meter. Doing so could help you to permanently alter your business’s energy-using … Read more