Here at Crown Energy, we can provide a wide range of energy and utility services to domestic and business customers. Click on the links below to read further information about what we do and how we can help you:

Full-Service Removals – If you are developing a site that is being demolished or refurbished Crown Energy, is able to offer full or part service removals.

Disconnection of Gas & Electricity Meters – The last thing we want to do is cause a disturbance to any of your plans. That’s why we deliver an exceptional response time, meaning you can plan the electricity and gas stoppage in your work plan.

Increase/Decrease An Existing Supply – Developing a site which has an existing gas or electricity supply which requires an increase or decrease will usually require the assistance of an experienced company like Crown Energy.

Gas & Electricity New Connections – Whatever your budget or timescale is for a gas and electricity connection, you can count on Crown Energy to get the job done. We install all types of electricity and gas connections regardless of size and budget.

Gas & Electricity Meter Installations – With Crown Energy being an energy and multi-utility supplier, we are industry experts on all gas and electricity meters.

Move Gas & Electricity Meter – Moving your electricity meter or gas meter usually involves turning off the supply’s source to your property or site. For safety reasons, we cut into the pipeline two meters clear of your property and then divert it to your new meter position.

Multi-Utility Suppliers – Following the deregulation in the utilities marketplace; Crown Energy is able to offer multi-utility solutions to both domestic and commercial customers.

Electricity & Gas Meter Kiosks – Crown Energy uses Ofgem approved meter installers and Ofgem approved meter asset managers that supply and install all types of meters from simple diaphragm models to complex turbine installations across all pressure tiers anywhere in the UK.

Site Investigations & Evaluations – We have licences to the metering databases in which we use to locate and obtain the correct and accurate information that enables us to inform you of all the utilities and meters that are currently active or inactive on your site.

Temporary Power Supply – Whilst you are awaiting your quotation for the utilities we are able to provide the developer or contractor with a temporary builders supply on site for the power to the site office or any other machinery that requires power.

If for whatever reason you’re unsure about which services you require, or would like to talk to one of our friendly and knowledgeable team about your project. Call us today on 0845 053 5454 to discuss your plans with us and get answers to your questions.