Temporary Power Supply

Temporary Power Supply

Whilst you are awaiting your quotation for the utilities we are able to provide the developer or contractor with a temporary builders supply on site for the power to the site office or any other machinery that requires power.

This is the cabling system and equipment installed to distribute electricity to points of use at the various locations within the construction / development industry.   The temporary electrical installation is always removed on completion of the works on site as it is then no longer required.   Removal may begin on completion and commissioning.

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Temporary Power On Site

If a temporary mains voltage supply is not available and generators are required take advantage of Crown Oil’s free no hassle fuel management service.

Crown Oil if required can undertake fuel management to any number of generators or tanks on site ensuring your site never runs short of fuel.

Crown Oil’s fuel management team will assess your site requirements and schedule deliveries to site monitoring all fuel usage and reporting back weekly or monthly with details and costing of all deliveries.  Crown Oil’s fuel management is free of charge and is available to all.

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In order for you to receive a free quotation for your temporary power supply, please follow these 3 simple stages.


  • Application – Download an application form and complete. Once you’ve returned the application an experienced design engineer will check and then commence the design and quotation process.
  • Design & Quotation – We will send you your quotation along with any site plans.   Each quotation will show how long it is valid for.
  • Acceptance – Once you’ve accepted and paid for the quotation we will then process your connection and commence the project, informing you at every stage.